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Favorite Key Binds
key macro Action Bind command Notes
v - hover on/sprint off or vice versa /bind v "powexec_name hover$$powexec_name sprint"
p - point -- "There!" /bind p "local "There!$$em point"
h - hello /bind h "team hello$$em wave"
t - chat to target /bind t "show chat$$beginchat /tell $target,"
l laff laugh /bind l "em laugh$$local ha hah ha  heh heh"
T - reply to last private communication /bind lshift+t "autoreply"
u huh Huh? w/shrug /macro huh "em Huh?$$em shrug"
B box produce boombox and start dancing /macro dance "em boombox"
b dance start dancing /macro dance   "em dance"
alt-h help yell for help  /macro help "team HELP!!$$local HELP!!$$em overhere"

Default Key Binds
enter "show chat$$ startchat" 
/ / "show chat$$ slashchat hover on/sprint off or vice versa
backspace  autoreply
, "show chat$$beginchat /tell $target," start chat to target
' "quickchat" emote menu
tab toggle_enemy switch to next enemy
esc unselect untarget
m,n,t,c toggle map, nav, target, chat windows toggle windows visible/hide
func keys inspirations
num keys power tray #1
alt numkey power tray #2
f6 /bind f6 "local RUN!" RUN!
f7 /bind f7 "say$$emote thumbsup" thumbs up
f8 /bind f8 "local HELP!!$$emote whistle" whistle for help
f9 /bind f9 "local level $level $archetype looking for team" advertise for team
f10 /bind f10 "say ATTACK!!$$emote attack" ATTACK!